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益宮茶男女皆可飲用,連續飲用7天,皮膚明顯有改善,精力充沛。 對於女士,益宮茶可緩解及減輕月事痛楚。


禮盒裝:4.8g x 8包
環保裝:4.8g x 15包

產品由 Pier Tea Company Limited提供
Nakita Shop 1-5日內出貨

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To inspire and share with the world the benefits of drinking tea, one person at a time, making people Better Everyday!

益宮茶的功效 Benefits of Come Yummy Cha

Offering an astounding aroma, Come Yummy Cha is formulated with premium tea ingredients. Not only does it taste good, it is very different from other healthy drinks on the market. It has been demonstrated that drinking Come Yummy Cha regularly boosts your overall health and has a lasting impact on your wellness.

When you first drink Come Yummy Cha, you will notice subtle differences in your skin. After a week of consumption, consecutively for 7 days, the difference in your skin will become more prominent, including reduction in inflammation and improvement in skin elasticity.

Come Yummy Cha is suitable for all genders. Regular consumption of the tea will lower your blood pressure and keep you energized every day. For ladies, the tea also relieves and minimizes menstrual pain.

具有醇厚的茶香,益宮茶由優質茶葉配製而成。益宮茶不但味道順口,更別於市場上眾多的養生產品。 事實顯示,定期飲用益宮茶可持久改善整體的健康狀況。

初飲用益宮茶時,飲用者會注意到皮膚會有輕微的改善。 連續飲用7天後,皮膚的改善會變得更明顯,包括炎症受到控制及舒缓,皮膚彈性也得以改善。

益宮茶男女皆可飲用。 經常飲用益宮茶可降低血壓,增進體能及保持精力充沛。 對於女士來說,益宮茶可緩解及減輕月事痛楚。

益宮茶的故事 Come Yummy Cha Story

Our story begins in the early 80’s, back when our founder, Carolyn, was still a teenager. During her teenage years, she had experienced severe acne skin problems. Her grandma, Wu Ling, had given her a tea recipe, which was kept in the family for centuries, helping with her case of acne.

After drinking this tea for 7 consecutive days, Carolyn noticed that the acne started fading away. She continued to drink this tea for a month and saw significant changes to the condition of her skin. Not only did she notice her skin was getting better, she also felt more energetic.

Wishing this tea to be a daily drink for everyone, Carolyn decided to devote all of her time to enhance the taste and the aroma of this tea. After countless trial and errors, she finally succeeded. And now, she would like to share the century-long recipe “Come Yummy Cha” with the world.

我們的故事始於 80 年代的早期,當時我們的創辦人 Carolyn十多歲,經歷非常嚴重的暗瘡問題,她的祖母 Wu Ling給Carolyn提供了一份沖茶秘方,該沖茶秘方已在她的家族沿用過百年,用來緩解及治療暗瘡。

Carolyn 連續飲用七天後,暗瘡開始减退。繼續喝了一個月後,她發現皮膚的改善更明顯,亦感到體能更充沛。

Carolyn 希望使這款茶能成為每個人的日常飲料,所以她決定投放所有時間,努力提升這款茶的味道和茶香。經過無數次的嘗試和失敗後,她終於成功。現在,Carolyn可以與世界分享這款過百年歷史的沖茶秘方 – 益宮茶。


禮盒裝, 環保裝



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益宮茶益宮茶 亞馬遜熱賣產品 百年草本秘方 香港品牌 香港手作